Alabama is one of the unhealthiest states in the nation, despite the fact that we are home to some of the leading health institutions in the world. Let’s widen access to those institutions by expanding Medicaid. It’s pretty simple. The federal government is offering to invest in Alabama and its people. That investment is estimated to have a 23:1 return to the state’s economy, including both the direct and indirect impact that would result from serving the healthcare needs of the 300,000 currently uninsured Alabamians. As a small business owner (and the mother of a teenager), I know a good deal when I see one, and that is an extremely good deal.

As a member of the Alabama House of Representatives, I will:

  • Vote to expand Medicaid so that all Alabamians have access to quality healthcare
  • Vote for bipartisan solutions to combat the opioid epidemic
  • Vote to ensure that Alabama’s mental health programs are both adequately funded and efficient

improving healthcare in alabama




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